Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Using a Mac's xterm as a remote Tektronics display for a FreeBSD 12.1 Server

This is a note capturing how I got this working for myself and posterity :)

# drawing a sine wave using gnuplot on freebsd
# in xterm running on mac

  1. Mac OS X installed (mine is a MacBook Pro running Mojave by choice)
  2. XQuartz 2.7.11 (X11 for Mac)
  3. FreeBSD 12.1 installed (mine is a Thinkpad T430) w/X11
# on freebsd
sudo pkg install gnuplot

# on mac
ssh -Y astra
xterm -bg black -fg green &
gnuplot -e "set terminal xterm; plot [-5:5] sin(x)"

opens a tektronix window with the sine wave

# alternatively
in xterm
switch to tek mode

in texmode window
gnuplot -e "set terminal xterm; plot [-5:5] sin(x)"

1. xterm on mac works pretty well. to help it out, open preferences and set emulate 3
button mouse (unless you are actually using one, in which case, this isn't
necessary). Then to access the three xterm menus, Ctrl-Click in the window to
open the Main Options Menu, Ctrl-Option-Click to open the VT Options Menu,
and Ctrl-Cmd-Click to open the VT Fonts Menu.

2. The xterm is pretty smart about opening the Tektronix display as needed (the
sine wave window is a graphics terminal). You can fire up your own Tek window
by bringing up the VT Options Menu and selecting "Switch to Tek Mode"

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